My Services

I offer three main types of services: Reportage Wedding Photography, Family Portraiture and Events & Parties, I also have mobile studio & backdrop capability which can be incorporated into any job if required.

Reportage Wedding Photography

I am skilled in capturing both the feel and flow of the wedding, it's preparation and the reception. I am a keen believer in getting to know the couple before the event and any booking will include a full "get to know each other" session with me, discussion of their needs and expectations, a walkthrough of the day and a test shoot. I am very comfortable working with clients from diverse backgrounds and relish capturing the atmosphere of the whole day and all your family and guests and their experiences. I am expert at working around the events of the day and specialise in discrete, friendly and unobtrusive photography which gets everybody's best side and is able to tell a comprehensive story of your big day, full of romance, joy and candid moments. I am at home working in either colour or black and white, and will provide an album or digital only service as required.

I have specialised in capturing the atmosphere and details of weddings for over five years, capturing the best of the events and participants in a unobtrusive and sensitive manner. I specialise in capturing candid portraits and scenes and I love finding unguarded, natural moments when people are at their best. My clients love the way I capture the atmosphere of an event and get a "whole picture" record of their special day.

If you are looking to use me with an additional formal photographer, I am happy to work with the needs of additional photographers / videographers and I'm happy to supply my pictures for work within their workflow for an integrated wedding portfolio. If you are a professional photographer and would like to discuss partnership options, please contact me using the details on my contact page. My turnaround for proofing supply and review is two weeks from the event (for a standard length event), after which any additional editing, album creation or enhancement requirements can be made.

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Family Portraiture

Family portraits are my favourite kind of job, and being a father of two young children I know how difficult it can be to get just the right shot of a happy family together.

I am experienced in both formal and informal family portraiture. I conduct formal portrait shoots in families own homes by bringing a compact mobile studio setup which can fit into almost any family space. I find that children are always fascinated by the setup and process of a formal shoot, and having it in the home allows more time for preparation, changes of outfits and relaxation between family members or sibling groups having individual photos. It also means that my clients don't have the stress of having to get to a studio to a deadline and that I, as the photographer are the guest in the space, not my clients. I often find that children are keen to ask questions or get involved in the setup and teardown of equipment. I am always happy to answer any questions on a shoot or explain what I'm doing in detail - to both children and adults!

I am also comfortable with more naturalistic informal family portraits, drawing on my reportage experience combined with skills in getting families to engage together in photogenic settings. I am experienced in indoor or outdoor settings and believe in getting everyone to have fun in the session.

I am happy to provide references on request for any family shoot.

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Events and Parties

My reportage style combined with my mobile studio capability style is ideally suited to documenting special events and parties, whether they be banquets, balls, birthday parties or boat trips. I am skilled in candied portraiture and also getting the key moments without interfering with the event. I have remote trigger capabilities which allow up-close and personal pictures of speakers without creating a distraction, and I am also experienced in warming up a slow crowd at a mobile studio booth to the point where I often have queues of excited guests egging each other on to get the best picture. I always take great care with my post-production editing and am happy to provide pictures to the event organisers or direct to the guests via secure digital galleries. I am very flexible on commercial terms and all photos are supplied at full resolution without watermarking and with dual copyright licensing.

My turnaround for digital proofing of events is usually within one week of the booking.

I am available for personal, corporate or charity events, be it a birthday party, awards ceremony, banquet , prom or graduation ceremony.

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Commercial Photography

I am often approached by businesses who like my particular style and are looking for something a little different for their publications, advertising or media offerings. I am always happy to discuss your requirements and provide distinctive images for your business or organisation.

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