The obligations of inequality

Feb 1st, 2015

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted but I heard something on the radio today that I really wanted to share – especially as it may have a material effect on my photography as a business. I’m going to cross post what I’ve just posted on my facebook page after listening to a really good radio 4 (UK) program about charitable giving:

Put you money where your mouth is! A really good radio program we listened to on the way back from Church – a political and ethical examination of giving to charity, starting with the provocative example of Will MacAskill who’s pledged to give away anything earned over £20k for the rest of his life and then going out and asking people a) what they think of it b) what they’re doing and c) how much people should give and why. I thoroughly recommend listening to this. It’s a challenging but rewarding listen. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b050yh99 (retrived at 01/Feb/2015)

The timing of this was good as on my own personal note I was doing my taxes a couple of weeks back and was struck by how much I spend on advertising for my photography, and how little it gets me back – I thought I could be using that money in a far more useful fashion – so after a chat with Sarah I’m going to cancel all my advertising (on the basis that if I really am a man of faith I should trust that opportunities will arise as long as I keep tuned in to them) and use the money I would be spending to set up a discretionary “doing good” fund where we as a family have the freedom to give to such causes or needs that may come up, in addition to the regular standing orders we make. Actually quite excited about it!


After posting this I looked up a little bit more about Will – I think the program did him a slight disservice by oversimplifying his pledge and making it seem a little naive; which it certainly isn’t. You can see more detail on his approach here: http://www.cafe.com/philosophy/this-cambridge-philosopher-wants-to-change-how-you-think-about-doing-good?u=2d5e654e-f4b4-44b4-9a09-e8a489f9668c