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In 2001 I went over to New York. I arrived on thanksgiving weekend to a emptying city.

New York, 2001

New York, 2001. WTC in the background

I had a friend who worked in the financial district and the events of September had prompted me to get in touch and go and visit. It was an eerie atmosphere – a sadness tinged with the bounce back that was just starting to happen. There were still parts of the WTC sticking up at “Ground Zero” – the stainless steel lattice that had already become totemic, although you’d be hard pressed to see much reference to it today. The city was an exciting place – more exciting than sad – and I filled my days with taking photos as I had no money. My ticket had been understandably cheap; I slept on me friends floor after arriving and somehow getting through immigration without having a first night address. The second week I crashed on the floors of various members of our sister Church in New York, and had what was probably my first real taste of independent travel. And I loved it.

The camera I used was a little plastic film compact. I packed plenty of HP5. I spent all my remaining money when I got back on getting it developed and printed at SKY in Shoreditch, well before Shoreditch was cool.

The album can be found here.