Archive – 2008

Jul 22nd, 2013

In 2008 a lot of things happened – I did some volunteer work in Afghanistan, which my girlfriend wasn’t thrilled about (nor my parents, but I’d booked the flights and signed the forms and was determined to go), and a work colleague lent me his DSLR – the first SLR I’d had in my hands for many years. I came back with a love of Afghanistan and a burning desire to own a decent camera. So I got one – my last major expense before I got engaged to my accommodating girlfriend – and then I took the camera to Rome with me on the day I turned up and surprised her at the Trevi fountain. No photos of that, I was too busy getting down on one knee.

Thistles at Kew Gardens

Thistles at Kew Gardens

Oh, and I continued my long photographic love affair with Kew Gardens.